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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The End is Nigh. Match preview: Leicester City v Atletico Madrid

"10% possession lads. That's all"

It’s not very often that Life throws us a bone here at Spongers HQ, probably because if that hateful bastard did decide to throw one at us it’d somehow break all our windows just as we’d agreed to sell Spongers HQ based on its incredible windows. That’s the kind of relationship we have – Life is generally only interested in building us up to tear us down.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

8 Reasons Donald Trump is like a goalkeeper*

 "Let me tell you something about soccer"

Rarely can societal shocks have been as seismic as this. When Donald Trump swept to the US presidency with all the elegance and grace of an ice-skating Iain Dowie, Spongers HQ was in no little shock. And while we wish that was our excuse for writing precisely zero blog posts since July 2016, in fact we just couldn’t be arsed. Does anyone even do this anymore?