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Friday, 9 April 2010

Heavy Betting

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned" Paul Newman, The Color of Money

With both Bushby and MacDonald seemingly fleecing the bookies at will these days, here are 7 randomly generated and 1 very relevant fixture (York weren't available to include in an accumulator on Betfair for some reason) on which the usual £2 will be lumped.

1. Hull v Burnley
2. Barnsley v Derby
3. Brighton v Carlisle
4. Barnet v Macclesfield
5. Southampton v Charlton
6. PSG v Bordeaux
7. Real v Barca
8. Breda v Roda

And in alphabetical order (somewhat pointlessly), the contenders:

Adam: Hull, Draw, Brighton, Barnet, Southampton, Bordeaux, Draw, Breda.

Odds: 839-1.

Rob: Hull, Barnsley, Brighton, Macclesfield, Southampton, Bordeaux, Real, Draw

Odds: 1,026-1.

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