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Thursday, 24 January 2013

B****** G***

Talk about this. Lots.

The moment ballboys jumped the shark, by Magic Spongers regularJohn Dobson

Something happened.
Here, look at the thing.
Look at it from the reverse angle.
Look at it in slow motion.
Look at it in super slo-mo.
Look at it frame-by-frame.
Isn't it shocking?
Now look in real time again.
Then zoom in.
The thing is terrible!
More after these commercials.

What do you think?
What about the thing?
What's your opinion?
Tell us.
Please tell us.
Tell us by text.
Call this number.
Keep discussing the thing.
Here it is again in case you missed it.
In slow motion.
And freeze frame.
From the reverse angle.
Time for a break.
We'll be back in two minutes.

Here's what some people think about the thing.
Ooh, controversial.
This is someone else's thoughts about the thing which is slightly different to the previous one.
Here's an expert opinion on the thing by someone.
This opinion was barked at us by someone outside through a megaphone.
Here's what a noted contrarian thinks.
But what do you think?
About the thing?
Tell us.
Tell us now.
Tell us by using this premium rate number.
Failing that, we'll just look on Twitter.
For opinions about the thing.
You remember the thing, right?
If not, here it is again.
In extreme close-up.
We'll be back after these messages.

We're talking about the thing that everyone's talking about.
We're talking about people talking about the thing that everyone's talking about.
And then talking about that.
And that.
And that.
And then talking about that.
But mainly the thing.
Here it is again in case you've not seen it 150 times already.
This time in glorious technicolour.
And here's what you're saying about the thing.
Some don't like the thing.
Some don't think there was anything wrong with the thing.
Some people are making lame puns about it.
Here's what a thingologist thinks.
We'll have more of your thoughts on the thing after this.

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